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MASI software independently developed by VisionOnSky


VisionOnSky Co., Ltd. has developed MASI (Modules for Aerial and Satellite Imagery) software. The latest version is 6.0. It includes modules of stereo matching, automatic DSM extraction, DSM2DTM, orthorectification, automatic 3D modeling with true color textures, change finding of surface height, automatic mosaic, volume calculation, extraction of building attributes, and some interactive tools for aerial, ADS, satellite and UAV images, respectively. It also has pansharpening of satellite image, the automatic orientation and bundle adjustment for a stereo, triplet and block of satellite images. The whole flowcharts for aerial, ADS, satellite and UAV images, respectively, are fulfilled. After the abovementioned flowcharts, dense point clouds, DSM, DTM, nDSM, orthorectified image, pansharpened image and difference of surface height are produced. The software supports Windows OS and Linux OS, and can run on multi-core computer and cluster computer. The parallel techniques with different processing levels can leverage computational resources of the two types of computing platforms to the maximum extent.


MASI software can be applied to these aspects: (1) generation of mapping products (point clouds, DSM, DTM, orthorectified image, and pansharpened image); (2) automatically finding change of surface height (used in the automatic finding of new buildings, the unplanned buildings and the removed buildings, and estimating their corresponding accurate height); (3) monitoring the construction progress of new city, big residential district and huge engineering project; (4) testimony of land expropriation and housing demolition; (5) estimating the exploited volume of ores located on surface; (6) digital city and reconstruction of 3D scene; (7) collection of commercial and military intelligence; (8) accurate estimation of height of buildings and trees.


Released versions (the following items can be accessed by clicking):

VisionOnSky Co., Ltd. released MASI Version 6.0 software, 04/2023

VisionOnSky Co., Ltd. released MASI Version 3.0 software, 09/2018

VisionOnSky Co., Ltd. released MASI Version 2.0 software, 03/2018